OMF Project Reader

class PVGeo.gmggroup.reader.OMFReader[source]

Bases: PVGeo.base.ReaderBaseBase

Handles reading an OMF Project


Return the current user selection of data elements


Super class has file names as a list but we will only handle a single project file. This provides a conveinant way of making sure we only access that single file. A user could still access the list of file names using GetFileNames().


Ensure default is overridden to be false so array selector can call.

RequestData(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Used by pipeline to get data for current timestep and populate the output data object.


Converts OMF data to VTK data objects.


Internal functiona to read all data at the start

description = 'PVGeo: Open Mining Format Project'
extensions = 'omf'